Our Competencies

Competencies and skill set

Engineware has a highly motivated and experienced team ready to partner with you to deliver high quality custom software solutions for your business. You will be delighted and reassured as you discover that our people and communication skills match our technological knowhow!

We excel in our capacity to:

  • Communicate and work effectively in teams
  • Manage time to achieve required outcomes according to project timeframes
  • Write software and develop web-based programs using development languages including Java, Visual Basic, C#, C++, HTML
  • Examine and understand an existing code base, analyse its behavior and make appropriate modifications and improvements
  • Determine code necessary to achieve a specified functionality
  • Have awareness of the Software Development Lifecycle and types of methodologies used to progress through the Lifecycle
  • Use libraries and frameworks based on the requirements
  • Analyse behavior of code to diagnose problems and determine the underlying causes
  • Use Integrated Development Environments
  • Use version control tools and understand software configuration management
  • Unit test code by writing automated tests
  • Revise existing code without impacting its functional behavior
  • Write and use appropriate build automation