About Engineware

About Engineware

Engineware has been developing business applications including database driven websites with sophisticated user interfaces for the past thirteen years.  During this time they have earned a reputation as a company who know the value of understanding the client’s requirements and working closely with them to deliver above and beyond their expectations.

Engineware has a high level of expertise in advanced online server platform design, management and support.  This uniquely positions them to offer development, service and support for both the platform and the software application.  Their refined software architecture and rigorous development process create products that are robust and reliable.

They build software to meet the Client’s requirements and build a Platform to suit the software.  This single source for the end solution offers greater flexibility, a single contact point for management issues and client peace of mind. 

They believe in delivering software that is fully featured and able to be managed without developer input (and expense).  Suitable tasks are automated and access to administrative functions is quick and easy to ensure business data is kept up to date with a minimum of administrative overhead.

They have software design and development experience and expertise in the following industries:

  • Commodity Markets
  • Education (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary)
  • Grain and Cotton
  • Health and Safety
  • Vehicle and Machinery Repair
  • Livestock
  • Mining
  • Printing
  • Retail
  • Finance